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Suzhou Dawin Purification Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of color steel sandwich mechanism board, manual board sandwich panel and purification products.

The company's main business: purification board, purification of manual board, purification mechanism board, purification of fire board, purification of rock wool board, purification of glass magnesium board, purification of magnesium sulphate board, purification of silicon rock board, purification of paper honeycomb board, purification of aluminum honeycomb board, Purify glass magnesium rock wool board, purify polyurethane board, etc. It has a production line of mechanism purification board, a production line of manual purification board, and related matching equipment.

The company takes science and technology as the forerunner, market-oriented scientific enterprise management concept, and continuously recycles domestic and foreign advanced technology, pays attention to technical research, transforms technological achievements into high-quality products of enterprises and goes to the market to become a powerful driving force for big win purification technology. . The professional construction team makes the company's reputation increasingly improved, and the professional purification engineering design, construction and technical business consultation, so that you have the technical and quality assurance.

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