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How should the manual purification board be installed?

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How should the manual purification board be installed?

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Because of its unique dustproof, anti-static, antibacterial and other effects, the hand-purifying board is widely used in the society, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research. Engineering field. So what is the installation procedure for the manual purification board before use?

When installing a manual purification board, it is generally required to be hoisted. If you buy more at one time, the manufacturer is responsible for the installation. Before the product is installed, it is necessary to first perform the elastic line to determine the installation height. In fact, it is to clean the lower plates and installation parts, and then you can directly lift them.

After the general position is placed, the cutting and pressing can be performed. The side and end faces of the manual purification board are required to be welded. If the installation site needs to leave a hole, it can be continued after the welding is completed.

Beside the hole is to do a smooth process, and sometimes you need to re-glue. After all the procedures are completed, the product needs to be cured. If you don't know the relevant matters, professional manufacturers will tell you. The product needs special attention at the interface. If there is no guarantee that there is no gap, it is best to use concrete for one time. To purchase purified glass magnesium rock wool board, you must look for formal channels.

The installation method of the manual purification board is very strict. If the installation of the manual purification board is not installed according to the program or the program is reduced, the inconvenience and the loss of materials will be caused. In order to avoid unnecessary loss, the above must be paid attention to during installation. A few items.

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