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Matters needing attention in clean room construction of purification board project

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Matters needing attention in clean room construction of purification board project

Date:2018-06-05 Author: Click:

A clean room for the purification board project is usually connected to the central air conditioner. When many smart salesmen are looking for a customer's factory, they can judge whether the factory is related to themselves outside the factory. The basis is "central air conditioning + degree of closure". Years of business have made me face many customers who have actual needs and are under-funded; for new salesmen or new design engineers, this situation often creates regrets for both supply and demand!

The people in the air purification industry know that the current market is far worse than the previous years. To get rid of the difficulties, only the practical application scope of the purification technology can be expanded. Therefore, standing on the customer's standpoint; at the lowest possible cost, the purification environment that is just needed for the process is an important condition for obtaining orders.

First, the application range of low-cost clean room (chaotic chamber)

1. Mainly in the laboratory below 100m2, analysis laboratory, help room, explosion room. Part of the process of electronics factory, food and beverage factory, pharmaceutical factory.

2. Maximum use area limit: 600m2 or less.

3. Reliable purification level; old national standard million. ISOClass 7 and below.

4. There is no or substantially no dust-producing equipment in the turbulent flow room.

Second, conventional equipment

1. Air shower room (single blow to four blows, 1 to 3 blows with sticky mat).

2. Transfer window. Mechanical chain can be.

3. Fresh air purifier. More than 5 people, 8 hours work system must.

4. Split air conditioning. The quantity is determined by the area of the clean room and the number of people inside.

5. Pressurize the wind cabinet. Efficient or medium-efficiency pressurized air cabinets can be selected based on actual area and internal number of people.

6. Efficient air supply. If it is 100m2 or less, you can choose high-efficiency pressurized air cabinet, you do not need to have a high-efficiency air supply port, otherwise it must be equipped.

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