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What is the difference between rock wool purification board and rock wool composite board?

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What is the difference between rock wool purification board and rock wool composite board?

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Purified rock wool board with a color-pressing plate as the surface layer, structural rock wool as the core layer, a "sandwich" structural plate composited with special binder, combustion performance: Class A (non-combustible) Density: ≥120Kg /rn Thermal conductivity: O. 046w/r n.k,. It belongs to the clean board with strong fireproof effect. It can also be sealed on the four sides according to your needs. The reinforcing ribs are added in the middle of the board to make the board flat and smooth. So what is the difference between rock wool purification board and rock wool composite board? Let me introduce it to you.

A: The rock wool composite board fireproof insulation belt combines with the existing polystyrene board external thermal insulation system construction process characteristics, and the special rock wool fabric and slurry wrapping compound are specially modified to overcome the ordinary rock wool characteristics. The low, easy to break, and vulnerable to the collapse of the tide, ensure that the fire-resistant insulation belt of the rock wool composite board and the polystyrene board and other insulation materials have similar performance, the same construction process and good combination, to ensure that the entire external thermal insulation system is not easy to crack and cause leakage and moisture insulation. Hidden dangers such as failure. It can also withstand the repeated effects of self-weight, wind load and outdoor climate without damage.

Two: rock wool composite board and several other (inorganic foam insulation board, vitrified microbead insulation board, etc.) to achieve Class A non-combustible requirements compared to materials, can achieve fire insulation barrier and polystyrene board external insulation of the same thickness of the same insulation effect. The table below compares the technical parameters of several Class A non-combustible materials used in fire barriers. Comparison of technical indexes for reinforcing vertical silk wool board and other boards

Three: Compared with ordinary rock wool and rock wool composite board, ordinary rock wool board has low peeling strength and is easy to be wetted by water. The thermal insulation board made of ordinary rock wool is compressed by ordinary rock wool, although it has certain hydrophobic performance. However, it has been proved by practice that the material will gradually lose its hydrophobic properties over time. Moreover, the flatness of the surface of the rock wool is poor, and the peeling strength of the material itself is poor, which is easy to cause shedding. It is not well combined with the leveling anti-cracking mortar of the surface layer, and the phenomenon of large-area detachment of the surface layer has occurred. It directly leads to very serious consequences such as the failure of external insulation.

Four: 1. The rock wool composite board fireproof isolation belt can be produced and processed by the factory assembly line according to the design requirements, which is reliable in quality, reduces on-site wet operation, simplifies the construction process, is easy to operate, has no harm to the construction personnel, and has no pollution to the environment. Ordinary rock wool is cut and installed on site during the construction process; its exposed rock wool fiber has irritating skin and respiratory tract to the operator. The material breakage rate is also high. Comparison of performance between rock wool composite board and ordinary rock wool bare board

2. Analysis of economic benefits The inorganic vitrified beads have a high thermal conductivity and are no longer economically compared. On the one hand, the cement foam insulation board has a high thermal conductivity, on the other hand, the damage rate is high during construction and is not compared. High-strength rock wool has many foreign applications. In recent years, several large-scale rock wool manufacturers in China have been able to carry out similar high-strength rock wool in batches, which have certain engineering applications. The rock wool composite board fire isolation belt is more rock wool bare board process. Simple construction speed and high work efficiency. The construction quality is easy to guarantee and the comprehensive economic and technical benefits are good.

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