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The difference between color steel plate and color steel sandwich panel

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The difference between color steel plate and color steel sandwich panel

Date:2018-06-05 Author: Click:

I believe that many of our friends should have used color steel plates and color steel sandwich panels in their daily lives. However, there are also friends who have not used these products in general. They are not on color steel plates and color steel sandwich panels. How to be familiar with it, in fact, it is literally able to judge the difference between the two products, but we can't just distinguish it literally. We have to distinguish between the two products in terms of their manufacture and use.

The color steel plate is a pressure-coated plate which is rolled and cold-formed into various wave shapes by using a color-coated steel plate. It is suitable for roofing, wall and interior and exterior walls of industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large-span steel structures. Decoration, etc., with light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient construction, shockproof, fireproof, rainproof, long life, maintenance-free, etc., has been widely used. Color steel sandwich panel is a multi-functional new building board. The surface of the color steel plate can be filled with foam, polyurethane, rock wool and so on. It has the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, light weight, waterproof, earthquake resistance and decoration. The purification mechanism board is widely used in the wallboard of non-load-bearing wall, roof, ceiling and single-storey combination houses for industrial and civil buildings, suitable for machinery. , electronic, chemical, biological, food, health and other clean plant partitions, ceilings and so on.

It seems that our color steel plate and color steel sandwich panel still have a big difference. Now we have a lot of color steel equipment used by us. Color steel plate and color steel sandwich panel are the most common in our color steel products. In the two categories, if we all carefully study the research, we will find that there are still a lot of these colored steel products around us. We divide them into many kinds according to the materials they produce. I hope everyone can use them when they use them. Request to use.

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